Picking a homecoming dress is overwhelming. You will choose from many styles and colors. That is why you want to narrow your choices down before you head to the shops and boutiques to shop. To help you pick the right color of your homecoming dress, consider the tips below:

Consider the Homecoming Atmosphere

To make sure you wear the right color, pick a dress that complements the atmosphere. Is there a theme in your homecoming? For instance, if the theme is going under the sea, you will want to go for a blue dress. But you can get a bit creative by choosing sandy yellow, sea foam green, sea salt white, seashell purple, and more. These colors inspire thoughts of undersea life.

You can choose specific tones of each color of the rainbow which can go with every theme imaginable. Take time researching the theme of your event and ask the committee at your choose about the color palette they plan to choose. Then, start choosing from discounted and cheaper dresses on sale if you want to save some money.

Think about the Venue of the Homecoming

The event’s location can set the mood for a color palette. If your coming is taking place on the water, you want to choose an undersea theme color. However, if it will be in a city, you can go for a dress in a bright flashy color such as neon light orange, skyscraper silver, or traffic light red. If the venue is a garden, pick romantic colors such as earthy green, rosy pink, sunset orange, or lavender.

Keep in mind that the venue or location of your homecoming will be the backdrop of your photos. You want to pick a dress color which fits the venue’s mood to get that social-media-worthy look.

Coordinate with your Chosen Date

No matter who your homecoming date will be, you both can coordinate colors to make an impact. Think about wearing a shade which flatters you both. Also, you both can choose analogous colors to accent each other. Pairings such as violet and wine, indigo and blue, cerulean and aquamarine are similar but separate. This allows you two to rock on your own colors while showcasing a perfect pair.

Moreover, if you want to contrast each other excellently, think about highlighting each other by wearing opposite complementary colors. Although these colors are opposite on the color wheel, they tend to make the strongest contrast if placed next to one another. Take into account colors such as green and magenta or turquoise and orange red.