Countless women are using hair extensions to get fuller, thicker and longer hair but there are some aspects about wearing them that aren’t always mentioned or spoken about.

If you’re new to the world of hair extensions, you probably have a couple questions on your mind.

We look at a few of the most commonly asked questions about hair extensions.

Common Questions About Hair Extensions

Won’t extensions damage my natural hair?

While some people are convinced that hair extensions will damage your hair, this simply isn’t the case. The only time that hair extensions will damage your hair is if they’re applied or removed incorrectly by an inexperienced stylist. People who don’t maintain their extensions correctly can also end up damaging their hair. Hair extensions also shouldn’t be used by people with very thin hair as this will end up damaging their natural hair?

Isn’t it odd to be wearing someone else’s hair?

It may seem like a strange concept to wear someone else’s hair on your head but it’s not nearly as weird as you might think. It really is just hair so does it really matter where or who it came from? Remember that hair extensions are cleaned and processed before they are sold so there is nothing to worry about.

Won’t the extensions fall out?

It’s completely natural to be worried about your extensions falling out but it’s incredibly rare that this would happen. The only time that you should be worried about your hair extensions falling out is if they were installed incorrectly. Scheduling regular maintenance appointments is also key to keeping your extensions in their proper place.

What should I do if my extensions are showing?

When hair extensions are installed and blended correctly, there isn’t any reason why they should be showing. Being wary of how you style your hair will also play a role in the visibility of your extensions. Tape hair extensions are incredibly discreet, which is why they’re one of the most popular types of hair extensions. You can find all details about EH Hair invisible tape hair extensions here.

Are some women addicted to hair extensions?

There are a few rumours floating around about hair extensions being addictive but this is simply not true. If anything, women really just love what hair extensions can do for them but this doesn’t mean they can’t stop using them whenever they wanted to.

Won’t hair extensions thin out my natural hair?

Hair extensions will not thin out your natural hair in any way. Your hair may seem thinner once you remove your extensions because you’re used to having a fuller head of hair but this doesn’t mean that your hair actually is thinner. Once you stop wearing extensions, you will need to give yourself time to get used to your natural hair again.

Should I stop wearing hair extensions?

You can choose to stop wearing hair extensions at any time if you would prefer to go back to your natural look. If you love your extensions but want to give your hair a break, that’s completely fine too.