Almost all women love to wear a nice Name Necklace because it makes us feel more sensual. In addition, they are perfect to wear our favourite accessories. However, we must take into account that there are different cuts in the blouses that help us to stylize the neck and enhance the face, as the case may be. So pay close attention to the type of blouse or dress to choose the right accessories.

Shirt neckline

Do not confuse with that V-shaped, because although both are very similar, the shirt goes more with short necklaces to stylize the shape of your neck. Ideally, choose neutral or metallic tones to not overload the look.

V neck

This type of cut is characterized by being deep, so it is ideal to use it if you have a medium bust. The accessories that go perfect are the long necklaces, yes, make sure not to exceed the length of your blouse. You can choose a chain with applications or with an extra ornament, especially if the tone of the garment is a vivid colour.


The best Name Necklace for this type of neck is the short ones. Try to stay just above the collarbone to accentuate the shape of your neck.


In this type of blouses it is better to opt for short necklaces. Chokers are ideal. Make sure they match well, not only with your outfit, but also with the tone of your skin.


A strapless gives us the freedom to choose any type of accessory, as it goes well with almost everything. The tip is that you do not wear long necklaces; from then on everything is left. From a long or sophisticated necklace to a striking choker.

More successful types of necklaces for square neckline

The square neckline is very common too. However be careful because it makes your shoulders look wider. That’s why we recommend that you bet on necklaces that are large and slightly long, always above the neckline. As you can see in the image, the types of necklaces that best go to this type of neckline are those of the green tic. And to top it off, remember to for all time bet on colours that favour your features.

So always choose Name Necklace which matches with your personality because Necklace is thing which gives extra grace to your personality.