Today’s youth are more focused of fashion and the upcoming trends, thereby making a style statement of their own. Nevertheless, demand of body piercing has been dramatically increased. Accessories of body piercing are affordable and when it comes to surface jewellery the demand will sky rocket. Not only it is one of the best ways of effective self-expression but also it matches with the 21st century fashion trends.

With the right type of dresses and accessories, you can keep changing the styles from punk to classy. From hardcore rock style to subtle feminine style body jewellery are the most common type of jewellery sported by young to middle age crowd. The trend is popular and it catches many people’s attention. Previously it was limited to inserting stainless steel hops on your body but now from eye piercings to vagina piercings there are lots of styles that you can sport according to your personality.

Piercings – types of surface piercings

There are several types of surface piercings and it is important for you to understand different type of styles. Needless to say, you can also opt for more than one surface piercing and make your own fashion identity with your unique body piercing placements. Let us check different types of surface piercings:

Ear piercing

This is the most common type of body piercing and is done by all, especially women around the globe. Women have their ear lobes pierced since ancient times and men these days are following the trend as well. Needless to say, you can do more than one ear piercing in the ear lobe. Ear piercings gives definition to the face.

Nose piercing

This is also a common type of body piercing and is mostly done by women. Often only one side of the nostril is pierced and small studs are place through the septum, the place where the cartilage separates both the nostrils.

Tongue piercing

Tongue piercing can be painful but it is the safest type of piercing that you can go for. Usually, no infection occurs in tongue piercing since saliva contains lysosomes and prevent any growth of bacteria. Tongue piercing can be both upper side of the tongue or the lower side of the tongue or from lower to upper. You can remove the jewellery whenever you want.

Belly piercing

For those of you who have flat belly and are well maintained this can be the most feminine and sexy type of piercing, you can opt for. The upper part of the naval is preferred for surface piercing. This type of piercing adds to the charm in any women.