If you are like other guys, you are probably spending your Sunday nights ironing shirts for the working week ahead. Perhaps you still have reservations about these shirts, thinking they are generally stiffer and provide less comfort than average shirts. Or maybe you believe wrinkle-free shirts could not look as sharp or feel as soft as well-ironed shirts. If you still have these thoughts about non-iron shirts, here’s why you should think again:

Non-Iron Shirts Ensure you a Wrinkle-Free performance All Day

Whether you are working a day job or pulling an all-nighter, wrinkle-free shirts will keep you looking sharp all the time. Most manufacturers of these shirts use 100% cotton made exclusively for them. Their shirts are dipped in an innovative non-iron treatment to offer a cleaner overall finish, nearly no shrinkage, and a softer hand feel even after hours of wear.

They can be Handled Without any Hassles

Whether wrinkle-free shirts are set out to be cleaned or cleaned at home, caring for them is easy. They certainly look right after a wash and dry. Those who want the extra crisp look can choose to give the shirts a quick press.

Their Seams are Clean and Fused

Wrinkle free shirts are sewn with a special interlining in the seams to ensure a pucker-free look. This provides them with a clean look once worn. Regular shirts begin to pucker at the seams after laundering.

They are Treated Using a Safe and Innovative Method

Non-iron shirts have been associated with cheap synthetic blends and concentrations of formaldehyde. But, technological advances have been it possible to produce 100% cotton non-iron shirts that are free of formaldehyde. These days, a lot of manufacturers have been able to cut their formaldehyde concentration to 100 parts per million on fabrics which is considered low and safe. This is a significant improvement on the same shirts available a decade ago.

They Fit Perfectly

Manufacturers of wrinkle-free shirts apply the same comprehensive custom fit options to their products. They assure their customers that the shirts come with a perfect fit guarantee, exceptional customer service, and complimentary alterations to make sure they get the shirts they love.

The best nature of wrinkle-free shirts is that they are the industry’s most crease-resistant option. At the end of the day, while the rest of your co-workers’ shirts are looking crumpled, your shirts stay as good as it did when you arrived at your workplace. This is a great benefit when you have a scheduled night out with your friends.